The Sound of SPEED Lacrosse™

The Master of Ceremonies launching the event by reciting our pledge, the Spirit of SPEED Lacrosse.™

The national anthem.

“SPEED competitors, start your engines!”

The siren.

“One minute remaining in the period.”

“Thirty seconds remaining in the period.”

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!”

The quotes shared from great lacrosse personalities.

The straight up “lets jam” songs flowing from the SPEED Sound Center.

This is the Sound of SPEED Lacrosse™.

What we hear is how we feel and how we play

I spontaneously recorded a field event in Rochester, NY several months ago on my iPhone. It’s about 40 seconds of audio. A gaggle of youth coaches raging. Raging at 12 and 13-year-old girls. It didn’t feel right. It sounded wrong.

There wasn’t any background sound aside from sideline activity. The sideline activity wasn’t much better. It was a potpourri of anxiety mixed with a little fear. Not something most have on the menu for our weekends – if we can help it.

It’s common see published data on lacrosse growth, trends, & coaching techniques. It’s a bit touchier to talk about real experiences that make us uncomfortable. Here is where SPEED Lacrosse™ solves a problem.

Have you heard of SPEED Lacrosse™?

You must come play to experience the paradigm shift that is SPEED. The vibe is everything you crave in sports. Fierce, crisp, dripping competition. Encouragement! Athleticism! Celebration! Community! We! Us!

Sidelines of parents with heads bopping up and down. Relaxation. A positive experience.

Our 2017 event schedule is shaping up nicely. Come join us in New York, California, Maryland, North Carolina, Hawaii, and Florida. Start clicking around and checking it out.









There is something big happening to lacrosse. It’s not “small” ball and it’s not “short sided”. It’s SPEED Lacrosse. It sounds great and it feels even better!