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    SPEED Lacrosse is for all ages, women, men, coed. No equipment required. Play it indoors, outdoors, on the grass, at the beach.

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SPEED Lacrosse is a pioneering new lifetime sport rooted in box & field lacrosse that utilizes key attributes from basketball, soccer, hockey, and tennis.

Casey Powell Talks SPEED

SPEED Lacrosse® is 3 vs 3.

SPEED Lacrosse® significantly reduces barriers to entry and makes sampling lacrosse simple.

SPEED Lacrosse® accelerates advanced lacrosse training and creates playing opportunities for players of all ages..

SPEED Lacrosse® focuses on lacrosse’s core fundamentals while raising the bar for diverse multi-sport athleticism.

SPEED Lacrosse is a true athletic development weapon.

If you love sports, be sure to experience SPEED Lacrosse®.

Improve your fitness training experience with SPEED Lacrosse®

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  • Do You Have the Spirit?

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At SPEED Lacrosse® we believe that:

  • Lacrosse is North America’s first sport
  • We are obligated to introduce someone new to lacrosse each week
  • Lacrosse must be simple to try
  • Lacrosse must be affordable for all
  • Anyone can play lacrosse – forever
  • Lacrosse can be played at anytime
  • Lacrosse can be played anywhere – in places you’ve never imagined
  • Exercising the fundamentals of lacrosse is the key to improvement
  • Being in a match means rapid touches, decisions & development
  • The SPEED Lacrosse experience will be fast, fun, & consistent
  • We respect each other in competition & off the court
  • Athletes of all skill levels have a future in the lacrosse community
  • Learning lacrosse can be fiercely competitive w/o excessive contact
  • Box lacrosse is incredible & unique
  • Field lacrosse is incredible & unique
  • Women will have a pro lacrosse tour & that we will help that happen
  • Lacrosse will be an Olympic sport & that we will help that happen

Casey Powell
Co-Founder SPEED Lacrosse®

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The continent’s oldest sport is reborn and coming to a surface near you!

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