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2 million Americans play lacrosse today, but there are only 42,000 roster slots on college varsity and club teams.  Lacrosse is the fastest-growing team sport in America over the last 18 years, yet is virtually absent from college rec programs. Lacrosse has never caught on in college intramural and rec programs for many of the same reasons tackle football hasn’t:

  • Requires too many people and too much field space
  • Equipment is expensive, bulky and difficult to store
  • The sport can be violent with high risk of injury

SPEED Lacrosse is the solution

  • There are only 5 players to a team and up to 5 games can be played simultaneously on a standard field
  • The only equipment required is a mouthguard and stick. Most of the players in the above video are barefoot.
  • The physicality is similar to basketball. It is a great coed sport.

Bring SPEED Lacrosse to your campus today!

If you are an innovative college intramural & rec professional who would like to bring this new version of lacrosse to your campus, please contact us today and we’ll show you how.

  • It will be the most fun and most competitive rec sport on your campus
  • SPEED can be played year-round, indoors or outdoors
  • It is most fun when played coed.  Its an easy sport to pick up with average athleticism.
  • Due to the high attrition rate after high school, the latent demand on your campus is likely very high
  • We can optionally provide sports accident insurance for each of your athletes.
  • Your athletes may qualify for a spot in the national SPEED Standings™ and qualify for regional invitational tournaments.
  • We offer a turnkey Intramurals Package that includes:
    • Court Kit – 2 portable goals, boundary line tape, 12 balls, carry bag
    • Portable flip scoreboard
    • 10 reversible SPEED Lacrosse pinneys
    • Court Guard (referee) training and certification
    • Hall of Famer Casey Powell’s “How SPEED is Played” video tutorial series for your athletes. Check it out now.
    • Recognition on the SPEED Lacrosse website and social media channels
  • If you desire, we can offer institution/SPEED co-branded apparel and merchandise

Please contact us at for more information