How SPEED Works

SPEED Lacrosse® is a lifetime sport sharing many characteristics with Field Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse and Basketball.  It is played 3v3 on a 40 x 20 yard court on turf, grass or sand.  There is no equipment needed other than a standard lacrosse stick and mouthguard.  The emphasis is on finesse over physicality.  It is a great sport for ALL ages and frequently most fun when played coed.

SPEED Lacrosse players must have a current Player Passport. Please CLICK HERE to learn of the member benefits and how to get one.

SPEED Lacrosse Accredited Events (leagues, tournaments) are hosted by SPEED Lacrosse and/or our licensed affiliates.

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Youth leagues (K thru 8) are hosted in partnership with SPEED Lacrosse Powered by Under Armour.

If you are an individual, club or fieldhouse who would like to host a SPEED Lacrosse events or tournaments, please CLICK HERE