SPEED Lacrosse has four types of affiliates who host leagues and tournaments.  Please click on the one below that best describes you.

SPEED Lacrosse Accelerators are individual lacrosse entrepreneurs who express their love of the game (and make some money at the same time) by hosting leagues and tournaments for women and men aged 14 and over.

SPEED Lacrosse Powered by Under Armour Operators provide support for lacrosse entrepreneurs who want to host leagues for girls and boys in grades K thru 8.

SPEED Lacrosse Official Partners are lacrosse clubs and fieldhouses who offer SPEED Lacrosse tournaments for all ages and leagues for players 14 and over.  (SPEED Lacrosse leagues for girls and boys K-8 are offered by SPEED Lacrosse Powered by Under Armour Operators.

Lacrosse has been the fastest-growing team sport in America since 2001, however has been virtually absent from college intramural programs.  Colleges can now offer SPEED Lacrosse by affiliating with us.  It’s most fun when played coed.