Pro SPEED® Ambassadors

Pro SPEED® Ambassadors are the biggest names in the game. By invitation only.

Pro SPEED® Ambassadors support Accelerators and Lifetime Passport players in their region.

These women and men activate the Pro SPEED® Ambassador vision.

Millions, of all skill levels, play lacrosse.

Lacrosse is an olympic sport.

The current professional leagues average tens of thousands in game attendance.

NCAA Division 1 men’s teams provide a full scholarship for all players.

NCAA Division 1 women’s teams provide a full scholarship for all players.

The Pro SPEED® Lacrosse Tour,  featuring women and men,  is populated with prosperous full time sponsored teams that:

  1. work in wellness programs across the country for their corporate and organizational sponsors
  2. travel domestically and abroad to incredible Showcase Venues for competitions
  3. play for high stakes purse worldwide
  4. are featured in content and events that are streamed weekly to thousands

It all starts with these Ambassadors proactively supporting the SPEED Lacrosse® community today in both their local sphere of influence and wherever life takes them.

These are sponsored athletes and leaders that are creating the future of their own game and that of future generations.

  • utilize the SPEED Lacrosse® program for major events
  • complimentary competition supplies and SPEED Lacrosse® program resources
  • launch new strategic Accelerators in your region
  • support select Accelerator events in your region
  • enjoy revenue sharing on the macro growth of SPEED Lacrosse® in your region
  • Ambassador spots are limited in number and renew on one (1) year revolving terms

Play forever.™