Field. Box. SPEED.™ – What is SPEED Lacrosse? View the answer (video) from the staff of INSIDE Lacrosse.

In 2016 the team from SPEED Lacrosse traveled to Baltimore, MD and paid a visit to the staff of INSIDE Lacrosse, the source of the sport for more than 20 years.

The IL staff had heard of this emerging new sport with unique rules and the excitement that surrounded it. However, as journalists, it was their obligation to probe, inspect, and inquire about this great new game.

Hasn’t this game been around forever?

Didn’t we all do this growing up?

How could this be different?


At the time Team SPEED was toting prototype products that have now morphed into a product suite offered in the SPEED Lacrosse PRO Shop online. The product suite is anchored by the SPEED Lacrosse Court Kit.™ The Court Kit includes two modular goals that are the perfect size, a patented 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft design . Two branded cross bar slip nets (the 2017 edition will feature marine grade zippers as an option). The branded Court boundary line system offering 40 yds. x 20 yds. of “anywhere” playing surface. A dozen soft Official SPEED Lacrosse balls. And finally, a robust bright red Carry Sak to pack it up and take it on the go. This is literally the most exciting version of lacrosse and it comes in a “back pack”.

For the cost of one full set of field equipment you can get dozens and dozens of of players into lacrosse all at once.

As the interview unfolded it came time to make the point that is SPEED.

Casey Powell, “Why don’t we go play right now?”

IL, “Now?

IL, “Where?

Casey, pointing out the window to a small park at the point of Pier IV on the Inner Harbor, “right there!”

And if your first thought is that this is a game only for newbies or kids take special note for the closing comment from a former MLL player on staff at IL.

“I’m breathing harder than I ever have at training camp!” This is a pure paradigm shift.

Let the INSIDE Lacrosse staff tell you & show you what is SPEED Lacrosse™ is all about. Click here to take the tour!