Accelerator Passport

Once you join as an Accelerator you are authorized to host SPEED Lacrosse® leagues and tournaments. Its a great opportunity for an individual to introduce SPEED Lacrosse to kids or to provide playing opportunities for adults who have left the sport.

Accelerator Details:

Event/tournament/league hosts must hold an Accelerator Passport in order to organize SPEED Lacrosse®.  Accelerators are official SPEED Lacrosse® representatives and earn 75% of gross event proceeds. Accelerators are required to use the SPEED Lacrosse software system to coordinate all SPEED Lacrosse® events. The minimum hosting activity is two (2) official events per year.

  • wholesale equipment sourcing in the SPEED Lacrosse ProShop to support playing opportunities
  • 20% discount on apparel and accessories in the SPEED Lacrosse ProShop
  • $3,000,000 in general liability insurance coverage for compliant SPEED Lacrosse® events
  • Sports accident insurance for all SPEED Lacrosse® players (Passport holders)
  • We handle all player registration and money collection
  • Collect seventy five precent (75%) of all registration proceeds within 3 business days of event commencement
  • Limited brand, image, and associated SPEED Lacrosse® intellectual property use
  • Event planning and branding tools
  • Pit Crew (staff) Certification – 1) Court Guard 2) Athletic Trainer 3) Event Delivery 4) Disc Jockey
  • National SPEED Lacrosse® brand development, advertising and social media
  • CLICK HERE to see a possible revenue scenario
  • Coming Soon: Your players will earn points at your events in the National SPEED Standings, qualifying them for a berth in National SPEED Invitational Tournaments.
  • $400 annual renewal
  • Please contact us at for more information

How it works:

Join SPEED as an Accelerator  We’ll send you a package with all you need to know about running a successful event.

  1. Purchase your initial Court supplies
  2. Complete an Events Registration Form
  3. We will post your event on our website and you will receive an email with your event registration link
  4. Forward the link to your community.  We’ll help you with a flyer and email if you’d like.
  5. Your official SPEED Lacrosse event is now available to all Player Passport holders (All participants must be SPEED Lacrosse™  Player Passport holders)

Contact for questions regarding qualifying events