SPEED Lacrosse™ was founded by a dedicated group of sports enthusiasts who have volunteered countless hours organizing and coaching youth sports. As such, we continue to try to bring lacrosse to communities that have lacked offerings in the past. We also strive to bring lacrosse back to all the people who love the game but can no longer find an outlet.

There are currently over 862,000 Americans playing youth lacrosse and high school level and 42,000 playing in college, yet only 12,000 playing after college(1), meaning 98.6% of lacrosse players no longer participate after age 22. Given the love and enthusiasm players have for lacrosse, we know there is a large population of enthusiasts who would welcome the opportunity to open a new chapter of lacrosse into their lives if the structure made sense and playing opportunities made available.

We believe the sample model below creates a reasonably priced opportunity for people to return to the game that they love and miss, while offering some compensation to the person making that possible for so many. Sometimes people need a little boost to get off the couch! For motivated partners, SPEED Lacrosse™ offers a unique opportunity to improve both physical and financial health.

Sample Event Revenues
Players per event:  60
Revenue per player:  $50
Gross Event Revenue:  $3000
less Expenses
Field rental(2):  $500
Court Guards, Pit Crew(3):  $240
Sound of Speed DJ:  $300
25% share of gross to SPEED:  $750
Net Profit per Event $1,210 (4 events = $4840)

Sample 6 Week League Revenues
Players per League:  40
Revenue per player:  $400
Gross League Revenue:  $16,000
less Expenses
Field rental(4):  $3600
Court Guards, Pit Crew(5):  $1080
25% share of gross to SPEED $4000
Net Profit per League $7,320 (4 leagues = $29,280)

It’s a big country out there so it is impossible for us to construct a scenario that fits all areas. Revenues and expenses are likely to vary widely by region. We encourage you to put together a spreadsheet of your own, plug in your variables and decide whether you can make the time to bring SPEED Lacrosse™ to your neighborhood. We believe that if you build it, they will come.  In some cases, we can consign the Court Kit to you and charge you for it and your Accelerator Passport after you’ve help your first tournament or league.


  1. source: US Lacrosse 2016 Participation Survey
  2. This number can vary widely. Many public facilities are free.
  3. Assumes 4 people for 4 hours @$15/hr. Accelerators frequently get friends and family to volunteer for these roles
  4. Example: $200/hr*3 hrs*6 nights. This number could be as low as zero for public space.
  5. Assumes 4 people for 3 hours @$15/hr x 6 nights. Accelerators frequently get friends and family to volunteer for these roles