Welcome to SPEEDLacrosse and congratulations for joining the revolution and helping to grow our sport by creating playing opportunities and re-engaging former enthusiasts.  We will list you on the website as an Accelerator right away and tweet about it to spread the word.  Its not a bad idea if you’d like to brand yourself (i.e. Long Island Speed Lacrosse), but please run the name by us first.

Below is the URL for Player Passport registration site.  All participants must be SPEED Passport holders. It is absolutely necessary in order to validate the general liability insurance and activate the players’ sports accident insurance, as well as the other perks of membership.


The Court Kits are listed in the SPEED Pro Shop for $500 but Accelerators can get them for $350 by entering discount code CourtKit2018 at checkout.  They include 2 goals, boundary line tapes on a spool, a dozen balls and a carry bag.  You and all SPEED Passport Holders enjoy 20% all other purchases in the Pro Shop by entering SPEED2018 at checkout.  Go check out the swag.   Accelerator Tools is a  password-protected part of our website for Official Partners and Accelerators only.  The password is GoSpeedLAX!  There are links to our tent and banner vendors there if interested and there is more to come.  We also have links to the Official Rule Book and some of our logos, along with their usage policy.

We highly recommend that you and all your player watch the “How SPEED is Played” video series.  You should also check out the Certified Court Guard Video. You can follow these links and they’re always available on our YouTube channel.

Here is a link to the latest edition of The Playbook, our event planning manual.  Please look it over.

Finally, if you are ready to host an event, please fill out this form with the relevant details about that we’ll need to set up the registration page. It can also be found on the Accelerator Tools page of the website.  Accelerator Tools is password-protected. Your password is GoSpeedLAX!

We are always looking for ways to help you throw more successful events and your suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to send us photos & video and we’ll get them out there.  Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

All the best,

Casey Powell                                                    Bob Minion
Co-founder                                                       CEO – SPEED Lacrosse