When you have a SPEED Lacrosse® account and an Accelerator Passport your are ready to host!

Have your phone handy? Take a reference photo of the ten (10) steps below to assist you with your initial event hosting. 

The Accelerator hosting form collects the relevant data required for a SPEED Lacrosse® Team Member to post your official event in the SPEED Lacrosse® North American events system. A SPEED Lacrosse® Team Member will be in touch within 2 hours by email for events posted by you on business days before 12:00PM. Events posted after 12:00PM will be administered the following business day.

Should you have any questions please send a message to [email protected]

Please proceed by clicking the HOST AN EVENT button below after reading these brief ten (10) steps.

  1. Please process quantity one (1) event hosting form ticket. Complimentary to SPEED® Accelerators.
  4. Complete the ACCELERATOR HOSTING form.
  5. Click CONTINUE.
  6. Click Yes, Privacy Statement and Terms of Use.
  7. Click PLACE ORDER.
  8. Receive your confirmation email from [email protected] 
  9. Stop. The URL link in your confirmation email is “not” shareable. Please do not use this system issued URL link.
  10. Receive your custom vanity URL link, for Passport Player event registration, from a SPEED Lacrosse® Team Member.

Your event is now hosted in the North American SPEED Lacrosse® system and searchable by all Passport Holders.

  • We require a 72 hours (3 day) lead time for all North American SPEED Lacrosse® system event postings.